Songwriting Nights For Adults

I have had some interest in starting a Songwriting Class or Camp at Dockwood for adults. I have taught camps every year for awhile now but due to mornings most adults can't. I'm trying to determine interest at this time. I am a Dove Award Nominated Songwriter and a former member of NSAI and a BMI writer. I lived in Nashville for a few years and have learned the craft and business of writing (all art usually becomes business) I'll cover how to start, how to craft a song, and aspects of the music business itself. Like copyrighting and pitching your songs. Mostly just learning the craft of writing for the "love of." Again just determining interest..If this is something you might be interested in just send me a message on the "Contact Us" page or leave word at 704-207-6443. I was thinking 3 nights of about 2 1/2 to 3 hours at $125. I'm not set in stone on that time frame or amount but it will give you an idea. Would love to hear from you. Let's see if this flies and make some songwriting friends. You don't have to play an instrument. That's another cool thing about this idea is you can co-write! Which most people do. Bernie Taupin was a lyricist and Elton John did the music...the rest is history!

Songwriting Class and Camps